Manufacturer and specialist of advertising diaries, calendars… all advertising publications
For over 20 years at the service of african companies, embassies and institutions

Agenda Afrique  : manufacturer and publisher of diaries, calendars, annual reports, catalogues, leaflets, brochures, catalogues for Africa

African specificities require optimal answers. Both specialist and leader in the manufacture of diaries for Africa, Agenda Afrique know consider the African requirements in terms of publishing and logistics. Our special Africa diaries 2017  adapt themselves to the needs of african businesses and institutions, and adjust as well for each recipient country such as: general information, main national holidays… They may also include several languages among which, French, English, Spanish, Arabic. In addition, our standard Special Africa diary contains color pages with maps of Africa and geopolitical informations, and may include specifications relating to the institutions, company or country that is represented. The African agenda is fully customizable. You can choose the colors, markings, materials… We offer very competitive rates. Our logistics platform ensures optimal responsiveness in the delivery of your 2018 diaries, for all African countries. Moreover, we offer more agenda, other printed products (calendar, annual reportssales brochure, catalogue, magazine…) you want to adapt to Africa. Our skills also extend into the areas of the communication consulting and design with the help of our specialist teams.

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