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The importance of offering personalised diaries and calendars to your valued customers

Despite the advent of the Net and virtual contacts, certain business traditions have fortunately not been lost, particularly the indispensable corporate gifts given to clients at the year’s end. Personalised advertising diaries and calendars remain the classic items of these annual courtesy gifts. Why is it so important to maintain good relations with your customers by offering personalised promotional media? Agenda Afrique, renowned manufacturer and printer of advertising supports, offers a large assortment of quality personalised diaries and calendars.

Why is there a need for personalised advertising diaries and calendars?

Relations between companies, suppliers and customers have been greatly facilitated by the spread of Internet. All the same, despite Internet’s indispensable and many-faceted uses, the primordial role of human contact between customer and business has not been altered. Business dinners and courtesy gifts to suppliers and clients alike, remain one of the more pleasant and appreciated methods of business exchanges.

Personalising corporate gifts is therefore essential in maintaining excellent business relations between company and customer. That is why Agenda Afrique, supplier and manufacturer of personalised diaries and calendars, offers an extensive collection of promotional media which both please your customers, and diffuse the company’s positive and high quality image.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of quality advertising supports to promote your business?

Producing promotional media such as customised calendars or diaries is a demanding job combining know-how and listening skills. Agenda Afrique, specialists of customised diaries in Africa, proposes a large assortment of diaries.

Your manufacturer and printer of personalised diaries, Agenda Afrique, offers a range of models from Premium Nil and Luxe Zambeze, to classic diary designs such as Pratique Volta or even Basic Okavango, available in more than 1,000 colours and 200 options! It would be difficult not to find the right style for your company!

Amongst the most widely-used advertising diary items, you have the choice of high quality logo branding on the cover, cover finishings (metallic straps or topstitchings), personalisation of calendar grids and pages, inclusion of curling ribbons in your company’s colours, and of course a large choice of formats and different qualities, depending on your budget.

The extensive assortment of quality advertising calendars features a large number of choices and options: design and printing of bank calendars, CD calendars, easel calendars, three month calendars and desk calendars.
Finally, Agenda Afrique offers its services not only in creating and printing annual reports, but also for brochures, magazines and catalogues.

Don’t hesitate to join the long list of companies that entrust Agenda Afrique with the creation and realisation of their personalised promotional media.