Advertising supports are omni-present, and often found in company offices and on walls. The calendar is a support that stands the test of time in businesses, and can be placed anywhere.

The calendar, no matter the size, finish, usage or model, is the ideal support to display business information.

The advertising calendar is devised to represent the company’s image, at least for 12 months. This entails an original and durable aesthetic design, which will continue to engage the targeted customer. The calendar is offered in a breakdown of different models corresponding to individual needs.

It goes without saying that the calendar’s design is of the utmost importance and must display the logo and business information clearly and intelligently. Once this is accomplished, the calendar will continue to diffuse its message throughout its life, and will remain a practical support that can be consulted regularly.

Marketing professionals are therefore the best placed to obtain the most effective adverising results in promotional media.

Advertising calendars come in diverse formats, each with their own characteristics, and their own specialised target area.

Desk calendar

This is one of the easiest products to mass-produce, as it only requires standard printing. No matter what format it is rendered in (A3 or larger), the media’s information display space remains large, and its changeable pages regularly refresh the information presented.
This calendar is principally destined for the desks of office workers.

Bank calendar

This product is the most commonly distributed in the calendar collection, despite the limited advertising display space, which reduces the possibilities for personalisation.
However, the permanently visible upper portion effectively displays the essential; the logo and the contact details.
This type of calendar can be proposed to private individuals and professionals alike. This promotional media can be equally well displayed on walls or doors, or even on desks. More often than not, the dates can be marked off throughout the year.

Easel calendar

This particular calendar is also called a photo calendar, due to the photo’s dominant position.
The main advantage with this format is that the business can use it to promote its eye-catching accomplishments (cabinet-makers, exterior constructions etc) or aesthetically attractive products (cars, holiday homes among others). The photos should be of high quality and a professional photographer is recommended.
To be completely effective, the large advertising display space should be correctly exploited. The cover pages should not be neglected either (including the back cover), and can exhibit the company’s contact information.
This type of calendar is best suited to your most targeted customers, those more inclined to take advantage of your company’s services.
Complete with glossy photographs, this product is earmarked for desks, where it can display and reinforce your company’s expertise.

Three month calendar

As its name implies, this quarterly display allows an easy visualisation of your planning schedule or organisation of your teams’ workloads.
For the private individual, personal organisation is more readily visible when exhibited on a monthly basis.
The business information can be displayed in different formats, depending on the model, with or without flip tops.
The information on this particular calendar’s advertising space can be varied to great advantage, depending on the displayed quarter. The most important information, such as the logo and contact information, can be exhibited on the display face and on the reverse side.

CD Calendar

More exclusive, this category is less well-known. It is in fact a special type of high quality product aimed specifically, and normally reserved, for privileged customers. Composed of various merchandising media ideas, this support can be renewed on a monthly basis. This type of promotional media can also be classed with easel calendars and document-carriers.

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