Agenda Africa, experts in the African market, puts its 20 years of experience into the service of companies, businesses and local African authorities. The company creates customised and original diaries that take into account the specific features of each country. Paper documents constitute an important link in corporate communication even in the digital era. They stand as a guarantee for the cross-promotion of significant information which valorises the brand image, products and services of your company.

The company diary: a link with your company’s communication policy

In the era of real-time bidding (RTB) and all-digital, you may ask yourself what is the point of company advertising diaries. Far from sinking into oblivion, the promotional diary, just like employee magazines or paper advertising, has become a corporate marketing strategy link which is now integrated in interdisciplinary communication policy.

Creating customised diaries, conforming to a calendar or school year, enables companies or businesses to bolster their presence, by using an ordinary and easily identifiable object containing all the necessary links to the web universe. A well conceived business diary will be consulted several times a day. It possesses a certain permanence that the digital universe cannot match due to its transient nature. The diary, as a source of global communication, incorporates the company’s graphic identity, colour pages, logo, philosophy and major creations. It also relays addresses to possible connections, without forgetting to mention the social networks in which your company is active.

Complementary business and other necessary information for your customers enrich calendars by incorporating the company’s own images in different diary models. Agenda Afrique gives you the choice of six versions in three or four formats depending on their purpose. To refine the customisation process, your company or business can also choose between multiple options, notably a choice of the cover colour and material, as well as your company’s branding. To accentuate its impact, customised pages are especially composed by the layout team and placed in the diary’s opening pages. This allows a presentation of your company, its products and its services. The contents can be further arranged by choosing a customised weekly grid. The printing details are carefully monitored and allow a choice of the topstitching colour and the customised bookmark.

The company identity is highlighted by original and customised artwork

All these elements bring an extra dimension to the advertising diary and accentuate its visual impact for customers who come into daily contact with it. The conception and distribution of a professional diary increase the visibility of your company in its sphere of influence. The graphic designers at Agenda Afrique are at your disposal to create these supports, and to advise and suggest models adapted to your specifications. All the diary options are detailed in the estimate request, which is returned for your perusal.

Your advertising diary will be customised according to your criteria, and will be an excellent ambassador for your company.

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