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Sometimes we have a tendency to separate diverse marketing forms from traditional marketing, especially digital marketing which relies on the internet. However, they are both complementary approaches that target the same objective: to publicise businesses. Advertising objects, those relatively antique marketing supports, are still present in 2016. Nevertheless, as is the case with internet advertising, they have had to adapt themselves to the world in which we live today.

Long-term strategy

Most advertising, even viral, can only publicise a business or a company during a limited time-span. But advertising objects remain effective a long while after their initial distribution. These supports allow your business to be on display at their new owners, whether they are conscious of this or not, and they continue working for you. Each time the object is brought out in public, whether it’s a week or a year after its reception, it is still participating in your marketing campaign. Certain studies show that an advertising pen will be used 1,204 times. Judging by its initial cost, it is without doubt one of the most profitable advertising investments that exist. Incidentally, according to 2FPCO (French Federation of Promotional Communication Objects), 72% of the French audience recall the name of the company printed on the object, while on the other hand the figure is only 49% for an advertising spot.

Abide by the rules… and the price

Even if many objects, from a flower pot to a paper cup, are suitable as advertising supports, not all have the same usefulness. The chosen product must have the desired impact that the business wishes to convey: long-term communication of the brand image is not conducted in the same manner as for a single spot. The object’s advertising life, its quality or its use must therefore be primordial in your choice. To cut down on the investment budget, some companies may be tempted to choose advertising objects in the lower price-scale. This practice runs the risk of committing a grave communication error: what type of brand image is conveyed by a leaky pen or a note-book with a faulty cover? If you wish your business to benefit from a quality image, you must respect this choice right down to the smallest details.

Make the right choice

Nowadays, many supports are used as advertising objects. Writing supports (pens, notebooks, diaries etc) remain the classics. These are always useful and handy, but by showing originality in the choice of support you can help your company to stand out from the competition. Why not try a packet of sweets with an ecological stamp of approval? This option however, should probably be reserved for communications within a limited time-frame. It will allow you, though, to observe the ever stronger impact of ecological or organic messages, and the preference of a reusable advertising bag rather than a plastic one. Supports based upon a durable and good environmental aspect have a strong likelihood to be reused today. The new technologies are also riding the popularity wave, and connected objects such as USB keys, solar batteries and so on have constituted the most popular advertising supports over the past few years. Certain importers also propose games or diverse accessories, such as stress balls. It’s just a matter of choosing the object that best corresponds to your business or company.

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