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The fourth edition of the “As de la Communication et du Marketing” (ASCOM), will be held in Abidjan 8 July 2016. Major communication professionals will gather in the Ivorian economic capital “to put communication into the service of the Ivory Coast’s economic relaunch”. This all-African corporate and institutional event recognises specialists, experts and other major sector players.

Meet the “As de la Communication et du Marketing” in Abidjan

ASCOM is organised by CRRAE-UMOA in Abidjan, and chaired by the journalist, advertiser, communicator and public relations expert, Michel Russel Lohoré. He is also the promoter of “Bâtisseurs de l’Économie”. His goal with this event is to “create a supply shock”. ASCOM 2016 will gather together all the major communication and marketing players: companies, institutions, public authorities, agencies, local communities, the press etc.

Since the very first edition in 2007, the goal of this exceptional meeting has been to mobilise African communication players, so that they can “play a pivotal role in the economic reconstruction of the Ivorian economy, thus enabling Ivorian professionals to take their place within the context of national reconstruction”.

Communication, a lever to boost the emerging economy

The theme of ASCOM’s fourth edition is “Communication, a lever to boost the emerging economy”. Michel Russel Lohoré explains: “The country is in urgent need of an economic and financial communication in the march towards emergence”. This event’s programme comprises three principal acts: an expo, an awards ceremony and conferences.

The top professionals and company heads that have made communication an indicator of their success will receive the ASCOM 2016 prize. It will be attributed in nearly two dozen categories by a jury presided over by Anne Marie Konan Payne, director of the CIGG (Centre d’information et de communication gouvernementale).

A luncheon debate, animated by empassioned communication experts, will be held on the theme: “Which type of communication for an efficient and innovative Ivorian economy in the future?” It will be preceded by morning sessions entitled “Direction: Emergence: the new challenges of government communication” and “Public communication, an indispensable local community development tool”. The afternoon will be devoted to two other panels centred on “Marketing in the digital era: what strategies for consumer relations?” and “The role of public and press relations in the success of companies and institutions”.

Networking with the directory of communication professionals

This ASCOM edition will feature the launch of ”Communication directory – Côte d’Ivoire” by the African Winners Group. This professional tool aims to highlight the major professionals (companies, institutions, local authorities, agencies etc) of Ivorian communication and to promote them internationally.

Opening the way for player networking in an extension of ASCOM 2016, it is destined for the African communication and marketing universe, and others as well. It includes an inventory of a selection of 200 players, and will be published at the end of October 2016 in 5 000 copies and sold within a targeted context.

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