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Increasingly more consumers place their orders from their mobile telephone. They visit several shops before deciding upon their choice and making their purchase. Companies understand this explicitly and wish to keep their customers in their online boutique. To do this, they utilise mobile retargeting . What does this technique consist of, and what are its corporate advantages?

What is mobile retargeting?

Mobile retargeting or behavioural remarketing on the mobile comprises retargeting visitors to their own mobile sites. When prospects visit a company’s mobile site, they might consult a certain number of products without necessarily making a purchase. The objective for the company in that case is to propose the same product(s) again with the help of advertising banners, emails and other notifications. The final goal is to make the consumer return to the internet site/app and induce them to buy.

It should, however, be noted that behavioural retargeting on the mobile is more restrictive for companies. Most purchases on the mobile are made from an app where the use of cookies presents imperfections. So to apply retargeting, sites must obtain the user name of the person connected from the app.

What are the advantages of retargeting for companies?

It is not uncommon for a site to have visitors that consult certain products without going further in their journey. Still others, who put their products in the basket without validating them. This is what is known as “basket abandonment”. The principle of retargeting aims at diminishing the abandonment rate for companies. By so doing, companies and businesses will observe an increase in their revenues and retain their stranglehold on visitors to their online shops.

This technique enables targeting a clientele, who have already shown an interest in the company’s products. Advertising banners or emails are only presented/sent to internet users who have visited the mobile site and who, therefore, are interested in the products proposed. In these cases, companies have more of a chance to see the consumers return to their site and convince them to purchase the products. This phenomenon sees a marked increase in the company’s click and conversion rate.

What are mobile retargeting’s principal methods?

Behavioural retargeting can be carried out in different ways. Advertising banners are the most widespread and on one of the turnkey solutions. To subscribe to this, companies must contact a service provider of online advertising campaigns to create an advertising strategy. Companies only pay on a per click basis.

The application notification is also a technique very much utilised by companies. It consists of sending a notification to an inactive user. The objective is naturally to entice the consumer to return to the site. All mobile apps use this system to encourage users to regularly visit the concerned platforms.

Brands and companies also employ e-mailing in their retargeting campaigns. In this case, they utilise a service provider who disposes of the relevant email addresses. If the service provider possesses the email address of a visitor to the advertiser’s site, advertising can be dispatched there.

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