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The next few years will be crucial for small and medium-sized companies and industries that have not taken the plunge towards digital in time. The challenge might well prove itself to be vital. To help companies adopt the new model, the Paris Chamber of Commerce has proposed its services. thereby offers a way for French companies to catch up on their European counterparts.

In just a few years, companies have learnt to utilise digital tools. A development that has profoundly shaken up their organisation and work habits. Digitalisation has become a must-have that rationalises practical tasks, while at the same time opening markets for companies by a quicker establishment of new projects.

In the footsteps of digital natives

As a consequence of technological changes, two types of companies are now rubbing shoulders with one another: digital natives and traditional companies. Their digital learning processes are situated at opposite poles. The former records higher growth rates thanks to their mobility and their capacity for rapid adaptation to all types of innovations. Uber, Blablacar, AirBnB and Showroomprivé have revolutionised the entrepreneurial model with their 100 % digital organisation.

To resist, traditional companies have no other choice than to incorporate digital tools in their standard practice, even if this entails redefining their way of doing business up to this point.

Renouncing traditional management blueprints

To facilitate this necessary transformation, the Paris Chamber of Commerce has launched an all-encompassing support offer covering company functions: buying, marketing, human resources etc.

This digital access for companies entails the creation of an internet site, the learning process of social networks and web marketing tools, the integration of management tools as well as the utilisation of digital manangement on a daily basis. Workshops by experts in these sectors allow companies to domesticate these new practices and make a safe transition.

The platform will make all the necessary practical information available for companies and help them to effectively realise these changes by documentation and professional exchanges. The platform also presents digital solutions based on the offers of the Chamber and its partners.

Les comes to the aid of companies

The profound changes brought about by digitalisation necessitate supports to allow small and medium-sized companies and industries to transform themselves, while taking into account the upheaval on a human level that a change of this type can entail.

For start-ups immersed in this universe since their creation, digital benefits are not a surprise, but this is not the case for cottage industries founded on ancestral know-how. The latter must find a means of combining old practices with new technologies to continue their growth and preserve their hold on the competition.

A company’s digitalisation has become essential in 2016 to stay competitive. These changes permit the optimisation of production and commercialisation, while at the same time offering service quality to the customer. Public expectations are more and more focused on and receptive to these pratices. The Chamber of Commerce’s proposition demonstrates how urgent it is to incorporate these in the fabric of small and medium-sized French companies and industries, thereby enabling them to construct their future growth.

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