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The infography represents the fusion of two elements, information and graphics. It allows an original and appreciable information presentation and can be used by companies for their internal and external data communication systems. The objective is to be certain the information will be incorporated, understood and treated by the target.

Efficient communication with infographics

The blend of information and graphics permits the creation of original communication campaigns. Infographics allows a number of combinations, notably in terms of graphics. Now is the moment to innovate and to impose your company during communication campaigns. Stand out from the competition and show your originality. Display your company’s values and your principles with the help of suitable graphics. Consumers accord an enormous importance to the visual aspect of advertising campaigns. Even before reading the information, it is the appearance of the visual content that captures the reader’s attention.

Transmit internal information within the company

Do you want your employees and/or colleagues to comprehend the data quickly? In this case, infographics should be utilised in your corporate documents. Employees will then have, at a single glance, access to clear and well presented information. Important data is easily perceptible thanks to self-evident graphics. Corporate files are normally composed of equal amounts of information and data, which augment the number of pages. On the other hand, by using infographics, product presentations and other company reports seem less abrupt and more concise.

Optimise web content

Online reading is not the same as reading on paper. It is well known that internet users do not take the trouble to read web contents that are too compact and overcrowded with information. Users skim web pages looking for clear and visible information. The more an internet site is well organised, the better it will be for the company. That is the whole point in utilising infographics. By organising data with the help of graphics, the site wins in visibility and effectiveness. Internet users immediately perceive the information that interest them and this encourages them to stay on the site.

Infographics for social networks

The impact of social networks and the spotlight provided there for a company no longer need to be proven. Corporate presence on social networks has becomme increasingly more evident as well as the incitement to share web content on it. It is therefore primordial for companies to employ infographics, thus ensuring an effective and pertinent communication. The transmission of data is simpler and incites sharing on networks. This entails an appreciable online visibility at the time of total connection and total digital.

Whether the communication is destined for employees or for external use outside the company, the objective of infographics remains the same; to inform. A study conducted by Paul Martin Lester revealed that around 80% of data contents in an infographic are retained, compared to 20% of information contained in a classique text. Bearing this in mind, this communication system has no longer anything to prove.

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