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Source: MCM Agency

The African marketing and communication sector is in full revival. Four years after the last edition, the Marketing and Promotional Communication Trade Fair will take place for the third time in Abidjan from 4 to 6 May 2016. It will be held at the Espace Conceptuel on Rue du Canal – Zone 4C.

After careful consideration, the Maurice Communication Marketing agency (MCM) has decided to repeat the experience. Considered essential, this trade fair will unveil new tool and development strategies for communication agencies, company heads and of course advertisers.

Several company leaders participated at the recent new campaign launch.
At their head was Corine Ouattara, General Manager of MCM, who stated: “We want to guide sector specialists and advertising companies in strategical promotional communication”.

What is promotional communication?

Maintaining customer loyalty has become a business necessity to cope with an ever increasing and strong competition. Promotional communication can be an excellent tool to stay ahead of this competition.

The promotional part is the assortment of gadgets and commercial gifts for the customers. These facilitate a greater customer and partner loyalty by sparking surprise and emotion. They are a veritable acknowledgement and reward tool, especially in the spread of the company’s message, where-in lies the real communication part. The gifts include diaries, personalised or bespoke calendars and practical daily objects, all of which help remind the customer of the business’s name at each use.

The advertising object has a priority to fulfil with its contents, as well as its look. It should not only highlight the sender’s business activity, but also respond to the receiver’s wishes or needs. This is the crucial point that makes the difference, according to Corine Ouattara: “The gift’s emotional dimension is the ideal support which creates adhesion using surprise and emotion. Single-handedly, it acknowledges, rewards and forges loyalty”.

Further details about the MCO-CI 2016

The Marketing and Promotional Communication Trade Fair will reunite advertisers and communication professionals around a large range of specialities under the same roof.

Even if the larger part of the theme revolves around commercial gifts – advertising objects, where the principal goal is to maintain good relations between businesses and customers – this edition will focus particularly on production methods. It will give participants the possibility to develop a greater assortment of gift ideas, while observing how, and with which raw materials, they are manufactured etc.

Building a strong case for an annual event, this fair will revolve around 3 precise themes:
• Product presentation and exhibition
• Workshops and conferences
• A cavalcade of advertising textile products

The last point is THE major innovation at the trade fair and one that will give designers the possibility to present their creations, gadgets or products to help them find future partners. Corine Ouattara reminds us: “The designers’ aim is to introduce their unique creations to their partners, who will be choosing their 2017 collection”.

Beyond the exposure guaranteed by this fair, the dates have been minutely programmed to coincide with the brands’ schedules, thereby linking the supply to the demand.

It should be noted that this third edition will be sponsored by Madame Sandrine Roland, managing director of a communication agency and an industry expert.

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